Standard for construction logistics: Managing work related road risk (WRRR).

The Health and Safety Executive welcomes this industry led initiative.

The Standard for construction logistics: Managing work related road risk (WRRR) has been developed in collaboration with key industry stakeholders.

The overall document draws together emerging practice from a number of individual standards, policies and codes of practice into one WRRR standard that can be implemented by developers and adhered to in a consistent way by fleet operators. Each requirement has been developed with the aim of reducing the risk of a collision between large goods vehicles in the construction sector and vulnerable road users such as cyclists and pedestrians

In relation to Driver Licence Checking three key business standards have been laid out.


Fleet operators shall ensure that a system is in place to ensure all drivers hold a valid licence for the category of vehicle they are tasked to drive and any risks associated with endorsements or restriction codes are effectively managed.


To ensure that all drivers employed by the company hold a valid licence and any risks presented through an accumulation of endorsements are effectively monitored and managed.


To demonstrate that this requirement is fully met, fleet operators shall ensure that all driver licences and endorsements are verified through a service that directly accesses current Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) data.

Frequency of licence checks should be against an approved risk scale and licences shall be checked as a minimum every six months. Fleet operators shall have a policy in place to ensure drivers report all professional or personal driving infringements to the responsible person who runs daily transport operations.

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