Q1: What is the native country of the creator of Porsche?

A: Germany

B: Austria

C: Belgium





Q2: At what percentage angle of the front wheels do the rear wheels turn on a 1992-93 Honda Prelude?

A: 0%

B: 5%

C: 35%




Q3: What was the number of Dick Dastardly and Mutley’s car in Wacky Races?

A: 00

B: 01

C: 13






Q4: Who is credited with designing British Road Signs?

A: Stein and Hobart

B: Calvert and Kinneir

C: Peebles and Clark





Q5: Name that knobā€¦ What car manufacturer is this from?

A: Mazda

B: Ford

C: Honda






Q6: What does this sign mean?

A: Endangered Species Ahead

B: Migratory Toads Crossing

C: Frogs in Road






Q7: The compulsory driving test for drivers was introduced in which decade?

A: 1930s

B: 1940s

C: 1950s






Q8: How many answers out of 50 do you have to answer correctly to pass the Driving Theory Test?

A: 26

B: 36

C: 43






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