Driver Distractions Training

Driver Distractions

This Driver CPC training module explores the distractions drivers are exposed to and identifies solutions to mitigate risks on and off the road. Handsfree and handheld mobile usage is discussed at length in the context of the law and your company policy.

Topics include:

  • In-vehicle and external distractions
  • Work pressures
  • The law and penalties
  • The consequences of driving while distracted.

This module will help your organisation to reduce collision rates, driver convictions, vehicle repairs and downtime and protect your brand from reputational damage.

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Training Course Features


3.5 hours


Format: classroom workshop | up to 20 delegates

Remote virtual classroom live | up to 15 delegates

Photocard licence and Driver Qualification Card

Improving safety and meeting compliance

Reduce your drivers' risk
Reduce your drivers’ risk
Training will reduce driver risk, crash-related commercial costs and promote safer driving.

meet professional requirements
Meet professional requirements
This JAUPT-accredited module runs for 3.5 hours training and must be combined with another 3.5 hour module delivered on the same day to meet periodic training regulations.

meet your duty of care
Meet your duty of care
This module is designed to help you meet your duty of care obligations.

Improve your drivers’ on-road competence and knowledge
– Distractions affecting driver performance​
– Consequences and penalties to driver and company
– Developing a coping strategy​