Vehicle Speed Compliance Statistics, Great Britain: January – June 2020

The proportion of cars exceeding the speed limit during the UK coronavirus lockdown was higher than for the equivalent period of 2019.

These differences emerged as road traffic levels reduced sharply in late March after the UK lockdown was introduced.

As restrictions eased later in quarter 2 2020 (April to June), road traffic began to return to normal levels, and speed limit exceedance also started to return to levels more similar to 2019.

In quarter 2 2020, 53% of cars in free flowing conditions exceeded the speed limit on motorways, compared with 2% in quarter 2 2019. On national Speed Limit (NSL) single carriageways with a car speed of limit of 60mph, 17% of cars exceeded the limit in quarter 2 2020, compared with 10% in quarter 2 2019, while on 30mph roads the figures were 63% and 56% respectively.

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