Why is Fleet and Driver Risk Management important?

Why is Fleet and Driver Risk Management important?

  • Legal compliance
    • Corporate Manslaughter Act 2007
    • Road Safety Act (1988)
    • Cause or permit risk on licences
  • Health and Safety responsibilities
    • Duty of care to employees
    • H&S fines rocketed since 2016
      • Brand risk
    • Driver safety benefits
      • Less collisions and associated costs
      • Happier staff, lower turnover
      • Corporate and Social responsibility
    • Fleet costs
      • Cost of collision itself and impact on insurance premiums, especially if death or serious injury claim
      • Actual costs to the business could be between 4-32 times the ‘bent metal’ costs
      • Lower return costs if leasing a vehicle
      • Some insurers expect over 60% of a vehicle fleet to have a collision every year
    • Brand reputation
      • Lifetime to build a brand; a second to destroy it
      • Demonstrate the business has done everything reasonably possible to reduce risks


Person running a fleet can be the…

  • Fleet Manager
  • Owner
  • Finance Director
  • Human Resources
  • Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SHEQ)
  • other


Managers of fleets often have responsibility for:

  • Duty of Care for drivers
  • Vehicle buying, leasing and disposal
  • Service, Maintenance & Repair (SMR)
  • User-chooser lists of vehicles
  • Legal compliance
  • Fleet running costs inc.  insurance
  • Driver safety
  • Fuel cards etc


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