Winter Driving Seminars

Don’t be fooled by the mild weather we had at the end of October. Forecasters are predicting an early start to winter 2012-13 and it will be another very cold one.

Snow and ice has hit Britain in November for the second year in a row and we urge fleet operators to do something now to try to avoid the terrible problems some companies faced last year.

Cardinus Winter Driving Seminars are one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways of preparing drivers for treacherous road conditions.

Cardinus Risk Management offers three-hour in-house seminars for your company car and grey fleet drivers, providing potentially life-saving advice and giving them valuable information on how to prepare for, and deal, with winter driving conditions.

The seminars can be held anywhere in the UK and are designed to be both enjoyable and educational. Up to 25 delegates can attend and the objectives are to provide individuals with an insight into the causes of road accidents and provide a forum for individuals to discuss their own experiences and attitudes to winter driving.

For more information about Cardinus Winter Driving Seminars, call 01733 426 015 or email

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