Winter Driving

The Licence Bureau are proud to be able to offer their unique

Winter Driving Workshop Module.

Working in groups of up to 16 participants and lasting for 30 minutes participants will learn:

Why we need to take extra precautions in winter:

The weather in the UK can be nothing if not changeable. This opening section will look at why we not only have to change the way we dress when it’s winter, we also have to change our thought process towards how we drive in it too.

How to prepare for a journey in winter weather:

What we need to prepare when driving in challenging weather, how we can make sure we are prepared as we can be and know what the different hazards are that you may face.

Knowing what to do:

Being prepared is important but it’s just as important to know how to physically drive in adverse weather. All the tips and hints you need to keep you moving are here.

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